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Jorc-Pobuda d.o.o.
Vrhniška 47, SI-1354 Horjul, Slovenija
tel.: +386 1 7500 243, fax: +386 1 7500 241
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Thursday23 September 2021


PoslopjeJorc-Pobuda d.o.o. is a company that specializes in the development and production of industrial electronics. When Jorc-Pobuda d.o.o. was founded in 1994 it had four employees. Through years of successful collaboration with foreign business partners the company has evolved into an enterprise with ten employees, utilizing modern equipment, developing a wide variety of quality products. We fully understand that the only way for such a small company to establish its self in the foreign market is with the development of effective, technically advanced and quality products. For this reason we pay much attention to the modernization of our products and manufacturing equipment.

Due to the fact that Jorc-Pobuda is a relatively small company it is capable of quickly responding to the growing demands of the market and also speedily developing new product lines, while at the same time enhancing current products. The company assures a short turnover time while at the same time responding swiftly to the needs of its business partners, be it for a single or a mass-production order.

One of the most important creeds of our employees is to satisfy the desires and needs of our customers. We are aware that providing a quality service and maintaining the satisfaction of our customers provides a basis for a long-term and successful co-operation. As an additional confirmation of the company’s success Jorc-Pobuda d.o.o. received in 2001 recognition from the Ljubljana Agency for Business Research as one of Slovenia’s most successful companies.

In 2006 we  moved our company headquarters to newly built premises in Horjul. We have also upgraded the production and expanded our product range. Thus we can in conjunction with quality work and quick response satisfy even most demanding customers.